Carrington-Fuller Post No. 800


Thank you for your interest in renting a portion of our facilities for your upcoming event.

For all facility rentals, we require a completed Facility Rental Agreement in advance.  Deposits are required in all cases but, in some cases, the Legion will waive the rental fee for qualifying non-profit organizations and/or events.  If you are requesting consideration of a fee waiver, please be sure to fully describe your organization, the type of event and the purpose of the event so that a proper determination can be made. 

Once we receive the Agreement back with any supporting documentation, we will contact you regarding the status of the fee determination.  If that is acceptable to you, you can then forward the deposit (cash or check) and the fee (if applicable).  Please note that no rental will be considered binding without advance payment of the deposit and any required fee.

There is no facility rental fee for events that are being catered by the American Legion or the American Legion Auxiliary.

We look forward to hosting your event and hope that you will feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Prices in effect for all rental dates after December 31, 2017

Please note that all facility renters, including members and non-members, will be required to complete the Faciltiy Rental Agreement shown below and pay the rental fee plus deposit before the day of the event.  Please contact us at the post for a copy of the agreement to fill out.