Carrington-Fuller Post No. 800

Rules of Conduct for Patrons of the Club

In order to maintain the high ideals of the American Legion, retain the good reputation of this Club, protect our ABC license, and assure the safety and pleasure of all the patrons, the following Rules of Conduct are in effect.

The following are considered acts of improper conduct which can result in disciplinary action up to and including full and permanent suspension of all club privileges:

  • Loud, abusive, vulgar and profane language.
  • Horseplay or practical jokes including the use of fireworks or firearms.
  • Any attempt to instigate a quarrel, fight, assault or other altercation, or any involvement in a fracas, fistfight, pushing or other assault on another person, whether in fun or anger.
  • Any inappropriate physical contact between two or more patrons.
  • Willful destruction, neglect, abuse, or removal from the premises of Club property.
  • Violation of ABC Laws, including admission of guests.
  • Refusal to vacate the premises at closing time as determined by the Club Manager or Bartender on Duty.
  • Refusal of any patron to comply with a reasonable request of the Club Manager or Bartender on Duty.
  • Any other action which, in the opinion of the Club Manager or the Bartender on Duty, is not in the best interests of our club or its members.

The Club Manager shall have the primary responsibility for maintaining peace and order in the club and that responsibility shall transfer to the Bartender on Duty in the absence of the Club Manager.  Generally, a minor violation of the rules stated above will result in a warning to cease such behavior.  In the event that the warning is ignored, the patron may be asked to leave the club and not return for the rest of the current day.  Serious violations of the rules may result in immediate expulsion from the club premises without warning.  Patrons refusing to leave after receiving a direction to do so will be subject to arrest by the responding law enforcement agency.

The Club Manager or the Bartender on Duty shall have the authority to terminate any patron’s club privileges for the remainder of the day of the violation.

In those instances where the violation is considered to be of a more serious nature, which could involve longer periods of club privilege suspension or other disciplinary measures, the Club Manager shall consult with the President of the Board of Directors to suggest a referral to the full Board.  If agreed to by the President of the Board of Directors, the Club Manager may then suspend a patron’s privileges until the next Board of Directors meeting, at which time the Board will consider further disciplinary measures.  In such cases, patrons shall not return to the club until cleared to do so by action of the Board of Directors.

In addition to referrals from the Club Manager to the Board of Directors, any individual member of Post 800 (Legion, Auxiliary or SAL) may file a formal complaint regarding the behavior of another member or patron.  Such complaints shall be in writing and shall be directed to the President of the Board of Directors for inclusion in the agenda of the next meeting.  Formal complaints must include details of the incident, date and time of the incident, names of any witnesses to the incident and the signature of the person making the complaint.

Any person referred to the Board for disciplinary action in either manner may be asked to appear before the Board to answer the charges. The Board fully reserves the right to determine if a hearing is necessary and whether a person will be asked to appear before it. If a person refuses or fails to appear before the Board when summoned, a decision will be rendered on basis of the information available from other sources.

When the Board is satisfied that it has sufficient information on the incident, it will consider the complaint and render a decision to either dismiss the charge or impose a penalty which may range from a written warning up to and including complete and final suspension of all Club privileges.