Carrington-Fuller Post No. 800



The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation and management of the club.  Bartenders report to the Board and take their directions from the Board.  Anyone with concerns, questions or suggestions regarding the club operation is invitied to discuss those matters with any member of the Board. However, please note that club business is not to be discussed in the club at any time.

Current Board Members

Chairman Robert Yachinich (term expires 2026)

Vice Chairman Gary O'Connor - (term expires 2025)

Secretary Teri Evener (Auxiliary rep.)(term expires 2024)

Treasurer (paid service)

Member Frank Heine (as Post Commander)(term expires 2024)

Member Fred Youngs, Jr. (term expires 2024)

Member Gary McCracken, Jr. (SAL rep.)(term expires 2024)

Member Bud Devlen (American War Dads rep.)(term expires 2024)